We get many questions on general pricing a lot. Below is a guide to help answer some questions. Average prices or costs are also listed. If you do not see what you are looking for or want to know more, contact us at: [email protected] or through our contact form (CONTACT).

Basic Price Break Down

We pride ourselves in offering a “No Minimum Order” service, but for orders under 25+ taps require the same time and attention that a large order requires. Below is our price breakdown (“+” added for potential of extra requested services). 

  • QTY 1: $300+
  • QTY 10 or less: $100+/tap
  • QTY  25 or less: $75+/tap
  • QTY 25+ or Repeat Orders: View Large Custom Orders

Large Custom Orders (Typically for Business)

  • The average price per tap for orders above 25+ or Repeat Orders tend to range between $15-35/tap, and the design drives this price

Included in the $/tap:

  • Material (Plastic, Wood, Metal)
  • Hardware (Inserts, Rods, Magnets)
  • Post Processing (Coloring, Coats)
Independent of $/tap:
  • Design Fee (Complex Designs Only): $200
  • 3D Printing Fee’s


The following are included in the $/tap cost, and $/tap is dependent on size and volume of tap handles:

  • Material
  • Hardware
  • Post Processing
– All Orders require a 50% (non-refundable) down payment.

3D Printing Fees
  • Print time: $3/hour
  • Color Fee: $50/ 3D Print Order

Are there shipping cost or taxes?

  • Shipping & Handling: Depends on size and weight or carrier
  • We normally us USPS because of the tracking and Priority Mailing Service are the most reasonable prices
  • Insurance is included on all shipping in case your order is damaged or destroyed in the shipping process
  • Tax: If applicable¬†

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