The approach is simple… everything is done in-house, from the design to 3D printing your tap handles! This is not done on the typical desktop 3D printers one at a time, but high end industrial 3D printers that can produce multiple tap handles (between 20-40) in one build. 

I know the struggles that breweries/businesses/home brewers go through to get tap handles and I have seen family and friends in this market go through hell and back just to get stuck with overprice generic tap handles that don’t benefit their brand or product. My motto is to bring truly custom design tap handles and help breweries really stand out at reasonable costs, short lead times, and not be cornered by, “minimum order requirements”.


It all started in 2014 when my friends at Bosque Brewery (NM) were paying way too much and waiting 6-8 months to get their wooden tap handles. One of the owners joked that they should, “buy a 3D printer and make their own tap handles”. At the time I had access to the high end 3D printer and told them I would make them a sample. A day or two later, I got them the sample and told them the price and quantity that I could make and the rest was history. 

I got a loan, bough my printer and began my venture. But as soon as everything was starting to roll out and pick up, life threw me a curve ball and I went on a hiatus moved to CO and finished my Masters ME/MS in Product Design and Development at CU Boulder. 

I loved where I lived, designing, 3D printing, craft beer, and the industry that all my friends and family work in. So, I decided to restart C3D TAPS and help everyone get the tap handles of their dreams. 




  • New  Mexico Native (Que Viva Nuevo Mexico!)
  • UNM Alumni-BS/ME (Everyone’s a Lobo! Woof Woof Woof!)
  • CU Boulder Alumni-ME/MS (Sko Buffs!)
  • Loves CAD Design & 3D Printing
  • “Crazy Cat Lady” stuck in a 20-something’s body
  •  Craft Beer Lover and not “A Beer Snob”…just love beer!

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