How do we start a design?

It’s easy! You can send an email of what “Design Package” you want with a sketch of your tap handle design (Leonardo Da Vince or Pre-K skills accepted), and we will work with your design to make the initial digital file.

 – Before any digital files are created, you must sign a Design Contract and put a 50% non-refundable deposite

What if I don't know what design I want?

No problem! We are creative people and will come up with a cool design for you.

What is the average price per tap handle?

It varies but is normally between $20-40/tap (pretty damn good for a custom designed tap handle).

What determines the price/tap handle

Material and hardware used, and size of the tap handle primarily drives the price. The price will jump if you request “extra features”, such as electronics, toppers, or other exotic crazy features that would require more assembly and post processing time.

What are your payment options?

We take many types of payments: Cash, Check, PayPal, Credit/Debit, Venmo

Why do we have to pay a 50% down payment and sign a Design Contract?

3D models do not appear out of thin air and we offer a service that takes many years of gained skills and time to create a digital file. So to cover our butts and yours, we enter a binding contract that C3D will commit to completing the design required and the Client will pay. Also, we have had on several occasions where a design is created and the client did not pay. 

Why do you have to pay a 50% down payment and sign a contract for a 3D Print Order?

Like the Design Contract, in the past we have 3D printed whole set of tap handles and had clients not pay us. Then we are stuck with 100 tap handles and a good chunk of material and money waisted. On top of that, we may not have all the necessary supplies in stock to fulfill your order, so the 50% down payment helps us order the necessary supplies to complete it.

What is the 3D Printing Time Fee on my invoice?

It takes time to 3D print your taps. We charge a per/hour fee for the total hours spent making your tap handles on our machines.

Do you charge shipping and handling?

Unfortunately we do. We wish we could offer 2-Day Free Shipping like Amazon, but we can’t. Shipping & Handling and Tax will be added to the final cost of the remaining balance.


Can you give us the design and we make it ourselves?

Simple answer… No. We use high end industrial machines to create tap handles. We have also spent years perfecting the post processing method to make reliable and durable tap handles and a lot more goes into our tap handles than just 3D printing. Also, our designs are made specifically with our machines, and we doubt you have several $200,000 dollar 3D printers laying around.

Next, we have done this in the past and it blew up in our faces. The client(s) attempted to create the taps themselves after not heeding our advice, failed, then attempted to blame us and charge us for damages and errors that they made on their part… we will not repeat the same mistake again.

Finally, if you want the digital files, that is a separate purchase. The price for a digital file(s) is dependent on time spent on creation of the file, complexity, and potential market value.

Do you outsource anything?

Everything is done in house! There is no outsourcing, middle man!

What kind of 3D printer(s) do you use?

Company Secret… sorry!

You don't have a minimum order, is there a maximum?

Nope, no maximum orders either. Keep in mind though that we offer a service for the amount you need, so don’t feel obligated to buy 500 when you only need 50 at the moment.

Also… we can do 500+, but you may hold up the line for everyone else who has an order after you.

Our goal is to change everyone’s mindset to order the amount of tap handles that you need or can get by with.

What shipping service do you use?

We primarily use USPS, but are looking into other options at the moment.

Our tap handles don't look exactly like the digital file, can I return them?

No… The digital world and physical world completely different and the physical items will not be 100% true to the digital design. Some of the tap handles will have cosmetic blemishes or defects. We will only warranty tap handles that can not functionally operate or huge cosmetic defects that occur before the ship-out-date. We will not warranty tap handles with small dents, scratches, or minor color flaws.

Do you have a storefront?

We are in a building… in the back of a warehouse… so unfortunately we do not have a store front. But you can always check us out on our social media in the links below.

+ 1 – 720 – 443 – 1855

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