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Priligy generic cheap - Where to buy priligy in australia

Priligy generic cheap - Where to buy priligy in australia


Please understand that our pricing/production is vastly different and unique compared than other tap handle companies. We offer a “No Minimum Order, Custom Designed/Manufactured Tap Handle Service”. Because tap handles are 3D printed, we can do low and high quantity orders. We charge a one time design fee in order to create the 3D digital file for 3D printing (this is unavoidable for most designs we create). It takes time to create your 2D concepts to 3D digital/physical. There are 3D printing expenses to cover time that the machine runs and color. If your tap handle is a mold style, we charge a one mold creation fee.
Any low quantity order taps will be slightly more expensive because of the nature of their production. We want everyone to have the tap handles that they desire at a reasonable cost.
Thank you and we hope you understand and please shoot us a message if you have any questions or concerns,
Eric Atencio (Owner)

Do you want a "Custom" or "Traditional" tap handles?

  • Custom/Unique Designs
  • Come with samples
  • Designated design time for creating digital files and editing
  • All designs fees are charged “one time” per design

– Home Brewer/Business: $150+

– Brewery: $500+

– Pro-Brewery: $1000+ (negotiable for number of taps or configurations)

– NOTE: See “buy priligy usa for more info

  • Not Custom/Unique
  • Do not come with samples, any samples will be charged $/tap
  • Can be single or multi body (with topper)
  • Can add: text, color/texture, simple features
  • All designs fees are charged “one time” per design
– $100 “set-up fee” to add text, color/texture, simple feature
– $50/hour for edits after final design confirmed

What if I have my own digital design?

We love designing, but will be happy to use your digital file(s). Contact us to confirm if your digital design meets our printer specs.

– $100 “set-up fee”


Do you want a "Long" or "Short" tap handle?

Long Tap Handles

  • Single or Multi-body
  • With Topper
  • 7 inches or longer

– On average are between $35-50/tap

Short Tap Handles

  • Single Body
  • No Topper
  • 7 inches or shorter

– On average are between $20-30/tap

Do you only want to add a topper to an existing tap handle?

Topper Only

– On average are between $5-15/topper

Do you want a "Plate Style" tap handle or believe your design may require molds?

One time mold creation fee ($100 minimum)

– $100+/mold(s) created
– $25 “Holding fee” (Molds with no holding will be disposed of after 30 days)

Do you want electronics in your tap handle?

We do not recommend. They are cool and grab attention, but are a hassle to maintain. We are not responsible for maintaining batteries or the short life expectancy of battery or bulb life.

– At a minimum are $75/tap or more, because of the complexity of including electronics

When the digital design is complete...

3D Print Orders

The following are included in the $/tap cost, and $/tap is dependent on size and volume of tap handles:

  • Material
  • Hardware
  • Post Processing
– All 3D Print Orders require a 50% (non-refundable) down payment. We have had customer bail out on a design after we created an order for them, so this is mandatory.
  • Print time: $3/hour
  • Color Fee: $25/ 3D Print Order

Can I edit my design during a 3D Print Order?

Yes. We don’t recommend it because it comes at a cost. 

– Penalty fee: $200
– Customer is reliable to pay for any materials or tap handles created before the “edits”

Can I expedite my order?

Yes, but it will cost you. This is because we have to stop any existing orders to fulfill yours. Please understand that we can complete orders quickly, but in a reasonable time frame (1-2 weeks depending on order size and complexity). For example, you need 20 tap handles of a very complex design in 2 days for an event is not reasonable.

– Expedite fee: $500+

Are there shipping cost or taxes?

  • Shipping & Handling: Depends on size and weight or carrier
  • We normally us USPS because of the tracking and Priority Mailing Service are the most reasonable prices
  • Insurance is included on all shipping in case your order is damaged or destroyed in the shipping process
  • Tax: If applicable 

© 2019 Creative 3 Dimensional, LLC. All Rights Reserved

priligy generic cheap
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